Hey, what’s up? So... ride395?  Well highway 395 starts a bit north of San Bernardino, CA and runs 1500 miles to the Canadian border north of Spokane, WA. For my purposes its the 300 mile stretch of road that connects Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes.

After my first season learning to snowboard I found a need for more than the local mountains could provide.  I wanted bigger, steeper, longer and if you live in LA that means Mammoth Mountain. I bought season pass after season pass, and two to three weekends a month I would ride the 395 to snowboarding heaven.  When I finally moved to Mammoth the driving slowed down, but wow, I sure did ride.

Looking back the five hour drive each way seams like out of a dream but the real dream was the riding.  Now I take trips to ride new highways and mountains, to experience different cultures and ways of life, and, always to get some exercise and have fun. 

Enjoy the ride.


What is ride395?

Fire stick, Pra Nang, Thailand.

Big waves, Uluwatu, Bali. 

Fresh tracks, Mammoth. 

Cherry Blossoms, Japan. 


Bobbi Bensman climbing, Thailand

Travel LogLog/Log.html

Climbing pix!! Spring in Yosemite.

Lots of sightseeing, exercise and


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Pictures from my trip to Japan.

perfect timing for cherry blossoms

in bloom.

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05.06 - Yosemite 5.12

04.05 - 2012 Japan Spring

11.15 - Joshua Tree Tweet Up 2011

11.15 - Climbing Malibu Creek

11.16 - Climbing - Fumie, Charlie 2010

11.16 - Joshua Tree Tweet Up 2010