So this is the video I made with the footage shot on a three week tour of Southern Africa.  The country’s visited were South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana and Zimbabwe.  This is the first video I really spent some time trying to make.  I am just using the crappy and limited imovie.. deal with it.



Africa                                                    July 2007

Vietnam                                            March 2005

In 2005 I traveled from Hanoi to Saigon and shot a bunch of video in the three weeks I spent there. This video is just from the area in and around Hanoi.  I hope to get around to making a few more chapters to make a complete movie of this trip.  I am still  learning imovie and wondering if I need a more advanced editing program.


First Mix Test                                                2007

Japan                                                March 2007

This was the first movie made after opening up my new imac.  Both the video and pix here are off my digital camera.  All this footage was already on a memory card so I could start playing pretty quick.  The video quality is good for a digital camera and I will have to think about using it more for shooting video.


This was the second movie I made.  I had a pretty nice slideshow from my Japan trip but that, along with all the photos were only saved to the hard drive on my broken lap top >.<  I wanted to make something to show from that trip and this was all I still had saved to my digital camera.  We had the best of luck, in what was a poor winter, the snow started dumping the day before our arrival at the onsen resort.  I did not mind shooting as our tracks in the snow were the first ones to the baths at 6:30 in the morning.


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The Movies posted have a fairly large file size.  If you have a slower computer and or connection speed you may have trouble viewing the movie.  Give some time to load, then play and see what happens.  This is all very new and largely untested.  Please send me feedback on how well you can view this site at

Before playing a movie you may want bring down the volume fader halfway and readjust as the movie plays.  Sometimes the movie player can start with a very loud volume.  Enjoy!


Vail                                                  February 08

This is another test of sorts.  I shot this on my new Cannon digital camera that shoots video also.  It shoots a nicer video image than my last camera and records audio which my last digital camera didnt.  Shooting video on a digital camera takes a lot of memory so I really did not shoot much.  I put together what I had and think it came out kinda ok  : /